Friday, January 16, 2009


you have so many relationships in this life..

but only one or two will last..

you go through all the pain and strife..

then you turn your back and gone so fast..

so hold on to the one who really cares..

in the end they'll be the only ones there,,.

when you get old and start losing your hair.. 

can you tell me who will still care??


ok, lagu itu bener2 gw banget rasanya sekarang. 

i hate it when i feel all alone.. =ngerasa bener2 sendiri dan ga dihargai=

i hate it when i feel i just lost everything.. =keilangan sesuatu yg berarti bgt=

lost someone that i thought my best friend.. =but she doesn't think so=

nemu yg lebih seru, yg lebih asik, lupa ama yg lama. apany yg uda banyak masa yg kita lewatin bareng2  tu? nonsense!!


mungkin sekarang keadaanny sama. satu2 temen gw ninggalin gw karena ngerasa temenan ama gw ga berkembang. gw emang ga punya apa2. ga pinter. ga keren. i know that! i know that i'm not such kind cool-smart-rich person. but could u accept me the way I am? this is me. and if don't like me please get there with ur new fren.

i thought that she is one of my best fren, but she DOES NOT think the same . . . she has some others better-smarter-cooler-new fren. and i left behind....

but anyhow,she was a really good friend of mine. yes, you WERE!

and  now, i'll try to walk alone. i don't need you anymore. I don't want to be ignore. I don't need one more chance of u wasting me away!

p.s: gw masih punya u kan NYONG? walo u jauh, tp u kerasa jauh lebih deket dari yg di sini. 


Missy Vinna said...

Lha,,kenapa lage toh ini??
kok keknya semua orang ngerasa frenship is nonsense yak??

tp emng bner, Mir..
Ak pun benci ditinggalin..

masi ada ak..

Btw,,keknya kalimat terakhirnya ak pernah baca dmn gt..mirip..

Anonymous said...

Isi tulisanx "bagus" bgt... Lain X lebih dtingkatkan... -gw-

meinsacht said...

itu gak indra aq kan mir...karena aq gak perna ngomong gitu deh...*sambil nginget2*