Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hello :)

Hello everyone :)
Long time no see..
It's been a month, no? *checking my last post* 20 days actually but it feels like a long time. 20 days it is a long time. :D :D :D

Well, shit happens. Life happens. Been through a lot during these 20 days, dunno where to start. 

So, just skip it. :P

Mmmm,, I really have no idea what to type. =__="

Anyway, tomorrow we will have a syukuran. Syukurannya Puput sih, to celebrate her (late) bday party and selesainya masa profesi di rumah sakit.. I went shopping with her this morning. I hate shopping, fyi. Really is not my thing. But Mom told me to help her, so I did it. We bought some stuff we need to make bakso, spaghetti and es melon, some others were already bought by Mom herself. 
Unfortunately, pasta spageti yang di Giant out of stock so we needed to find it in other place. I went to Hypermart myself, Puput had to attend a party so she begged me, to buy the pasta. Told ya, shopping is really boring. I didn't even know where to find it. Need some time for me to find the right place, really hate shopping. 

Well, after the shopping thing  done, I met  with @greatQo and @missyvinna. Such a fun time we had, guys :)) Sorry ganggu jalan-jalan berduanya hahaha.. :))

P.s: Ini postingan kenapa kayak postingan anak SMP ? HAHA.. 


Brigadir Kopi said...

hello too :p
hemmbday party .. enjoy sis :p

Ra-kun lari-laRIAN said...

welcome back Miwwa :)
just enjoy the day, it's part of life however :D