Saturday, May 5, 2012

K-Pop, huh?

Guess what. I am infected by Korean fever. Yes, I am a K-pop lover now. Start from liking Super Junior, I get to know more about Korean culture.  I used to mock them often, those boy/girl groups, but karma happens, shit happens, I ended up liking them after one day I accidently watched their music video “Mr. Simple”. I mocked people who likes k-pop too, a lot. I nagged about what is so good about k-pop, the only thing they have to proud of is only they man-made-beauty, and so on and so on. Honestly, I said those things without knowing anything. Empty talk, it was. I had not listen to their song, I did not know anything about their music, I did not know anything et al, truthfully. I just said bad things about it because lots of people said so, and some others who like them are those immature teenagers. But like I told u before, karma happens. I changed my mind after I see them with my own eyes (through the screen of course).

It was like love at the first sight. Or love at the first heard? I was with my friends; Boby, Gilang and Erma. We were at Boby’s house, doing nothing but talking and laughing. Boby turned on the TV, watching MTV. I didn’t pay attention to the TV before, but once I heard the intro music of Super Junior – Mr. Simple, damn I fell for it. I fell for that funky catchy beat. And yeah~ I had to admit, they dance well too.

After that day, I started to search more about Super Junior. First, I wanted to know more about their songs. Just did a simply browse, I found out that their other hit songs are; Sorry Sorry and Bonamana. I downloaded the songs, listened to them, downloaded the music videos, fell on their dance moves. From that day on, I state myself as a fan of Super Junior.

The most difficult moment as a new fan of them was when I tried to remember their faces. It was not easy for me who didn’t familiar with Korean faces to try to recognize the 13 faces of them. Yes, 13! I was shocked. I was already surprised when I saw there are 10 of them in MV Mr. Simple. Later I found out the original number of them is 13. 15 if you add the 2 from Super Junior M. No wonder, they are the biggest (in number)  idol group in the world, no? I spent 2 days trying to recognize their faces and to remember their names. No big deal, I just wanted to do it for my own satisfaction.
Well, this is my story. What’s yours? J


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I hope you get your mind straight very soon. I mean, c'mon, hahaha... I once seen this episode of 'young girls' screaming over their lovely 'singer'. It was on high junior school. Remember F4? I couldn't believe that I have to face those era again. This time it's more than just 4 pretty faces!! As you said, even for just recognizing them is already a mega task for my small brain. :p

Tell me when you're wake up.