Friday, June 15, 2012


"There are things where even passion and hardwork are not enough."

Monday, June 11, 2012


It was my birthday, 2 days ago. I am 23 now. Such a big number, huh. But I am still here. Stuck with.... Ah, I dont want to moan. So, let it flow.. #smirk

Well, nothing big happened. No celebration nor surprise party. I didnt really wait for the birthday moment actually. I didnt stay up that night, waiting for wishes or anything. I didnt get a lot of wishes, never did. Since I dont put my birthdate on my facebook profile, only some really close friends know it. That's why I never expect a bunch of wishes. Some (but the whole-hearted one) is enough. :)

Still I got some presents and cakes. My mom gave me a very comfortable t-shirt and lots of panties. I dont know, my mom is (maybe inspired by Raditya Dika's dad) kinda obsessed with panties.

a pair of super cute room slippers from Erma and Andien

Lego headset from Febi
I also got a bag from my cousins, Puput and Nita. I didnt take any picture of the bag yet. I'll post it later. I love the bag, it is very nice, and they forgot to take off the price tag. Hihi. So I know how much the bag worth. Quite expensive for me. :p

p.s: I got the feeling that I will (at least) get two other presents. well, I expect, yes. :p